Hi (Pancakes)

Hey guys sorry we haven’t been posting but here are some heads!!! (Latte made the all of them just edited a few things ^o^ Latte’s website is http://www.charmheart.wordpress.com πŸ™‚



Heads Soon to be Posted(Charmi)

Hey guys since I don’t really have ideas on what type of heads I should make I’ll just post some of my old heads instead:D umm the heads are actually Dev (my other graal sister who quit) and mine’s sister heads. But since we have our own person heads we probably won’t need them. I will try to post the heads when I get home from my sister (Cuddles’ hockey tournament MLK) okay bye x)


Hai guys :) (Pancakes)

Hiya, it’s pancakes here, sorry I haven’t been posting any heads or bodies it’s just that I’m busy irl with school and stuff and Charmi can’t post on weekdays so I can and I will try to work on some things as soon as I can πŸ™‚


Well, in graal era there is this girl who stole Charmi’s head =~= She claims that a girl “Khole” made it when Charmi did -.-” No one steal customs from iFile anymore ._. K? It proves you have no talent. Now, cya next time I post!:D

Ponytail Fails..XD (Charmi<3)

ponytail-golden_faileyeliner_ponytail-failΒ Hehe hi guys.. its Charmi XP umm this is my first head that I edited I just really liked it so I tried to make it into a ponytail hehe… Made one blink for those detailed people out there and made one not blink for those people who hate lag ^>^ Hope you like it πŸ˜€ DO NOT TAKE CREDIT OF MY WORK OR ELSE NO MORE BLOG FOR CHU ^^ got it?

x: ~CharmiNPancakes

Hiya! :] (Pancakes)

Finally posting before Charmi kills me.. heh. :3 Well we will be posting heads and stuff which will be in the heads and bodies section! And I will be posting a lot of graal problems i have been having. lol ._. Okay well that might bore you guys to death! But it’s like a life lesson or graal lesson.. Either one! Well, this looks like enough i guess! Thank you very much for visiting our site ^.^! p.s. We will add heads and bodies soon dont worry! :]



okay well.. this is umm Charmi (me) and iLikePancakes>>from GraalOnline Era<< gfx website! So we are gonna post some heads and bodies here of course.. So lets see how that goes okie bye x: